Ryszard Tomaszewicz and Carol Macmanus

Ryszard is originally from Poland but has travelled around Europe.All his adult life he has worked in a variety of different roles such as a stunt driver forOler Togni stunt show in Italy,which saw him jumping stacks of cars and knocking the top one off, also through fire. He then worked for Buschroland Circus in Germany where he started as a driver moving the circus transport each week to then being the bosses right hand man. While he was there he had to train to be a fireman and was also the stooge in a comedy vauyige act. At Buschroland is where he met his partner Carol Macmanus. He then came to England and has worked in the circus over here, he does all the making of equipment as well as still working in the ring. Carol is an accomplished animal trainer, who has been working and training animals all her life. She was born into a circus family and having been brought up around animals from a very young age it is easy to see why see has a great love for animals. and is fascinated by their intelligence. Carol has worked all over the world training animals in places such as Luxemburg, Switzerland, France, Belgium, Germany, Portugal, Ireland, Norway, Austria and the UK. Since Carol and her family started at Circus Mondao in 2006 her animal managerie has grown and now she is working on a brand new exotics routine. That will consist of a zebra, 2 camels, 2 llamas, 1 mule, and a donkey.

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